An Undeniable Rogue (Rogues Club #1) By Annette Blair



4 Out Of 5 Stars


Gideon St. Goddard, Duke of Stanthorpe, made a promise to his friend Bryceson Wakefield, Duke of Hawksworth on the battlefield that he would marry is sister Sabrina Whitcomb and protect her. After that the battle claimed his friend Hawksworth and returns home to keep his promise. After returning home he goes through the kitchen and stumbles upon his unknowingly pregnant fiancee, who thinks he is a stray off the street.

Sabrina Whitcomb has a distrust of men,with the only one she trusted being her brother by marriage, Hawksworth. But after receiving a letter by Hawksworth stating that he arranged for her to marry his friend the Duke of Stanthorpe, who she believes to be a an old man. After coming upon this stranger in the kitchen she is attracted to him and wished things could be different in her choice of whom to marry, but needing the protection and security of the Duke of Stanthorpe she waylays her feelings. Upon her wedding day she finds out the handsome stranger is her husband to be… But unknowingly to Giddeon, Sabrina is keeping many secrets. One being that she is not only pregnant and about to be a mother, but a mother already to twin boys. And then their is her hurtful past with the men that were in her life, and a dark secret that she doesn’t want uncovered…>

I enjoyed this book. Though it was slow paced it worked out with the story. The author did a very good job in developing the relationship between Gideon and Sabrina, as well as Gideon and the twins. I especially thought it was absolutely adorable the relationship he has with Sabrina’s new baby girl. I enjoyed how Gideon though scared with the becoming a husband and then a father that he still took it slowly and in stride and that he didn’t ran for the hills.

Sabrina had really bad experiences in her past and she wasn’t able to trust really easily and all she was concerned about was protecting her children. But as the story moves along you see her start to trust Gideon and open up to him in many ways. And she sees how her twin boys open up to him as well. And I really enjoyed how by the end of the book they became a real family.


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