A Mistress for the Taking (Mistress To A Millionaire #18) By Annie West

A Mistress for the Taking


3 Out Of 5 Stars


I decided to read this book when I read someones review that stated “YES!! A love story that isn’t about hate for most of the story…” from amazon. I liked the heroine, Marina Lucchesi (She was courageous, stood up for what is right, & tough) , and the hero, Ronan Carlisle (He was chivalrous, takes care of the people around him, & clever), of this story. The were both strong characters that were very protective of there families. But for the most part there was a lot of hate for the man, Charles Wakefield, responsible for both of their family troubles. And so Ronan recruits Marina’s help in getting revenge. Throughout the story there is a lot of mistaken emotions from both Marina’s and Ronan’s point of view about each others feelings for the other person and that really slowed the pace of the story for me.
This story was interesting to read once, and I thought Ms. West to a good job in executing the characters descriptions and attitudes. The story had great potential, but didn’t get me drawn in that I didn’t want to put the book down and keep reading it. For me it was slow paced and I ended up taking breaks from reading it.


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