Enticed by His Forgotten Lover (Pregnancy & Passion #1) By Maya Banks

Enticed by His Forgotten Lover (Pregnancy & Passion, #1)


3 Out Of 5 Stars


“Have we Met?”
Bryony’s answer: aAright hook!!

When I was reading the synopsis for this book this was the part that really held my interest. It was interesting to see a pregnant Bryony hunt down Rafael,to get answers to what were his true intentions about purchasing her property on her island after promising her and her grandmother that it would be for his personal use and not to build a hotel on and also their relationship. After Bryony learns that Rafael has no memory of her due to a plane crash she is not sure what to make out of it.
When Rafael learns that he is the father to the baby Bryony’s carrying he decides to return to the island to try and remember his promise he made to Bryony and her grandmother and his true feelings for Bryony.
The story was interesting to read at least once. The author did a good job in relating the emotional roller coaster ride of Bryony and Rafael’s relationship, but I will admit that I there were times that I had to take a break from it and put the book down do to it not holding my attention at times.


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