Girl in the Bedouin Tent By Annie West

Girl in the Bedouin Tent


3 Out Of 5 Stars


Cassandra doesn’t have any fond memories regarding most men. And they escalate when after her tour bus breaks down within the borders of Trakhar, and is kidnapped by the neighboring country. After she is taken she gets scrubbed down and changed into a skimpy outfit and is presented to the Sheikh of Trakhar, Amir…
When he hears the jingle of bells coming from behind him he is prepared for the attack and manages not to hurt her and only manages to only get a nick. At first he thought it was an assassination attempt by his host, but soon learns that she speaks English, was kidnapped, and was just trying to protect herself, because she thought she was going to get raped…
After getting the situation under control and gets all the information about the incident and tells her he will protect her and help her get out of there. She is still wary of him, but slowly starts letting him in and trusting him. But as the start getting closer there is some things from their childhood’s pasts that are holding them back to discover there feelings about each other…

Cassandra’s character was a different. She is emotionally damaged do to some circumstances when she was younger. Though she was still the first to figure out her feelings for Amir, but she still took awhile to get there and at the end she kept denying it when he told her how he felt.

Amir is honorable, respectable, and takes care of those he feels responsible for. And make sure his people are always taken care of and do to that his people really love him. He takes him awhile to figure out what he feels for her, but eventually figures it out.

All in all, the book was okay to read once. There was just too much emotional abuse in the story to really take hold of my attention, but I did like how everything comes together in the end.

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