Ruthless Russian, Lost Innocence (Harlequin Presents, #2920) By Chantelle Shaw

Ruthless Russian, Lost Innocence (Harlequin Presents, #2920)


3 OUT OF 5 Stars


This book was interesting to read once for me. It was different in comparison to other Harlequins that I have read. The Hero, Vadim, and Heroine, Ella, both have their own emotional baggage, starting from their childhoods. But do to this it is really hard for either of them to open up to each other. All he wants is a mistress, but as they get to know each other they start opening up to each other she finds away to pass the barriers to his heart and becomes really important to him. She never wanted to have a relationship, especially the way her mother was treated by her philandering father. So she uses her uprising violinist career as a defense. But with Vadim’s pursuit of her, her defenses start get broken down.
I liked how they got to know each other better during their relationship. But it seemed to drag on and it was hard to get through in the beginning/middle of the book that I had to take breaks from reading it. It didn’t start picking up until the last 3rd of the book. I liked how it ended and was glad that I decided to finish reading it.


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