Savage Awakening (Alpha Pack #2) By J.D. Tyler

Savage Awakening (Alpha Pack, #2)


4 Out Of 5 Stars


I really enjoyed J.D. Tyler’s take on shifters. This is the first one I have read in the series and I thought Aric and Rowan’s story was really interesting to read. It was fast paced and in the shifters Alpha pack was well written. She is a kick-butt cop and he is a sarcastic, life of the party type of guy. I liked how their relationship developed and that they got to know each other a little bit and how they both were attracted to each from the start. I like how the author written how the mating bond for the shifters work. It was different in comparison to some of the other books I have read. The only thing I didn’t care for was the graphic sexual content and the bad language. There isn’t many books now a days that don’t have it and I don’t mind it, but the sexual situations involved were a bit to graphic for my tastes. But other then that it an enjoyable book to read.
Though there were a lot of fun characters that I would love to see what love interest would bring them to their knees, the one that caught my interest was Kalen and Mac’s story. I am looking forward to see how their story turns out. Though they weren’t mentioned a lot other then a page here and there they really drew my attention. It seems like they would have an interesting story, especially after reading the sneak peek they had at the end of the book. I may be tempted to read it and just hope that the sexual content and language isn’t too bad.


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