Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss (Pregnancy & Passion #3) By Maya Banks

Tempted by Her Innocent Kiss (Pregnancy & Passion, #3)


4 Out Of 5 Stars


On Ashley’s wedding night she accidentally knocked over her new husbands laptop, which results in her finding out that her entire courtship with her husband Devon, was all orchestrated by her father and that the real love she feels for Devon is not reciprocated. She finds out that she was part of the deal for her father and Devon’s company merger deal, in exchange for merging the companies Devon had to marry Ashley and make her happy, and she must never find out…
After finding out that Devon doesn’t love her the way she loves him, and having his thoughts of her character (he thinks her flighty, naive, too tenderhearted, which he believes are faults) discovered she is devastatingly heartbroken and instead of having a exciting wedding night like she thought she would have, she ends up crying the whole night. During the night she tries to figure out what she is going to go, leave and get a divorce or change her character and try to make her marriage work. Since she really loves Devon she goes with option 2…
Devon never wanted to hurt Ashley and wanted to tell her out right about the deal that he made with her father. He cares for Ashley and respects her and he really thought they would have a companionable marriage. After their short honeymoon, because of Ashley’s massive migraine, and he was done taking care of her until she felt better, things start getting back on track… or so he thinks… A little a at time he starts noticing changes in Ashley, she cleaned there apartment to sparkling clean, she is learning how to cook, taking charge of a business party to announce her fathers retirement, changes her appearance, etc.
After some time Ashley finds out she is pregnant and that the way she has been lately isn’t the way she wants to be even for the man she loves and that she wanted to be herself to raise her child, and decides she is going to leave Devon.
Devon is excited when Ashley tells him she is pregnant, but is totally knock off balance when she tells him that she wants a divorce. That she wants to be with someone that loves her the way she is and doesn’t try to change her. After she leaves his office and a few weeks without getting in touch with her, he realizes that he loves her… And tries everything in is power to let her know he loves her and that he doesn’t want her to change and wants to be with her forever…

I liked Ashley’s character. She is tenderhearted, loves working at her Animal Shelter, excitable, all her family & friends adore her, and she lights up a room where ever she goes. And after finding out her father’s deal with Devon she finds the guts to change herself and try to make her marriage work. But in the end after talking to her friends, knew it wouldn’t last because she likes the person she was and finds the courage to end her marriage to the man she loves, so she didn’t have to change even knowing it wouldn’t be easy.

Devon’s character was one of the better hero in a Harlequin Romance book that I have read. He wasn’t nearly as bull-headed and a total jerk like other hero’s I have read. He doesn’t believe in love, because from what I can tell he was never exposed to it. It seemed he didn’t have a great childhood with his family since he is uncomfortable around Ashley’s close-knitted family. And though he wasn’t sure of his feelings for Ashley you could tell he really cared about her and wanted to make sure she was happy, and he really regretted the things he said in regards to her character. And though it took her leaving him to find out he loved her he didn’t try to reject it or debate it like other hero’s in some of the other Harlequin books I have read.

I really did enjoy this story and thought Maya Banks did a good job in making this story flow without it seeming long in some parts of the story. It flowed really well together that I didn’t have to set it down and take a break and come back to it later. So if you enjoy Harlequin Romances I do recommend this one.


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