The Greek Boss’s Bride (Greek Tycoons) (Harlequin Presents, #2631) By Chantelle Shaw

The Greek Boss's Bride (Greek Tycoons) (Harlequin Presents, #2631)


4 Out Of 5 Stars


I really enjoyed this book, it was one of those that I could have kept reading without putting it down. I loved the relationship between Kezia and Nik. I liked the banter they had between them. I liked how they first met and how there relationship develops as the story goes on. There was difficulties that they had overcome in the end to be together, that really defined there relationship. I really enjoyed how in this Harlequin that they didn’t have the Hero and Heroine against falling in love like a lot of the other ones I have read. All in all it was a enjoyable read, and one I will probably read again in the future.


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