The Nanny and the Boss’s Twins By Barbara McMahon

The Nanny and the Boss's Twins


4 Out Of 5 Stars


Stacey and her sister are the owner’s of Vacation Nannies. On Stacey’s next nanny job she is hired to go to Spain with Luis and his adorable twin boys Juan and Pablo, do to their nanny having a fear of flying. She really loves her job of taking care of children and traveling. Now that she is almost 30, she starts thinking about her future of having a husband and children of her own…
Luis is a widower of six years, his wife dying during child birth. After her death he got a nanny to take care of his twins and threw himself into his business and works all the time. He has no future ideas of love or getting married again. Since it was hard for him to loose his wife when they were both still young…
But at his grandmother’s home in Spain for her upcoming birthday Luis and Stacey start developing feelings during the time they spent together with the children (which Stacey comes to really care about) and Luis’s family, sightseeing, fiesta, and etc, that they are trying to sort out. But with Luis’s aversion to ever fall in love and remarry it gets difficult to give into them…

I thought Stacey was a strong character that really cares about family. Especially since for along time she only has had her sister. I liked how she was determine to make a future with the things she loves doing, taking care of children and traveling. I like how she was able to help Luis start thinking about what is important.

Luis is a lot alike other hero’s in other books I read, but also a little different in his own way. He was a little slow to determine his feelings and doesn’t discover them until the heroine leaves. I did like how Luis’s character started to grow. How he discovered how much he has missed of his boys life and starts to make amendments to his work schedule to be there for each of there great memories. I also like how he figures out he had some sort of feelings for Stacey and he sorts them out as he goes along.

Luis’s Grandmother was a fun character. She has a very warm fondest for her family and wants them all to be happy. And when Stacey arrives with Luis and his boys she tries to play matchmaker…


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