Warlord by Tasha Temple



3.5 Out Of 5 Stars


Sara Aster wakes in a dark circular room, not knowing how she got there. After investigating it, she comes across three skeletons all dressed from different time periods and a circular urn in the middle of the room. When a mist appears and tells her that she is being tested and that if she passes the obstacles before her, she will be trained. The first test is to face her greatest fear… The second test is to face her greatest desire… And if she passes those she will have to face a final challenge of the mist’s choosing… After she passes all these tests, the dark mist has its own agenda. It gain controls of her and sends her back in time to help it regain the life it lost…
Arystan is a great warlord and is well respected by his men at arms. When he meets Sara during the annual festival, he chooses her to spend the night with. After that night, things change for him. He never met anyone like Sara and during the time they spent together in the next few weeks, they both learn about each other and they have an undeniable attraction.
But other then knowing her name. Sara can’t remember anything else. Like who she was or where she came from. And the biggest question being, why she is there…

I really enjoyed the story plot of this book. It was an interesting idea and different from anything I read before. It had a touch of suspense, action, romance, and supernatural themes. The author did a suberb job in making the story flow without adding unneeded fillers. She did an excellent job describing the areas that the characters were at. The villain was written really well, who had an undeniable arrogance and a know it all attitude. I like reading how everything turns out and how there was a happy outcome for the couple.
Their was a few things in the book that I didn’t much care for and that was the graphic sexual content, the crude language, and themes of rape, which I was really grateful that the author didn’t really go into detail about. When I signed up to win this book, I didn’t realize it had this content in it. So, if you don’t care about these things, then you will definitely enjoy reading this book.


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