Hunk for the Holidays by Katie Lane

Hunk for the Holidays

4 Out Of 5 Stars


Cassie McPherson is an absolute workaholic, and Christmas is just around the corner. Cassie works for her company, M & M Construction, as a Vice president or more accurately an accountant. Its the day of the company party and her friend takes it into her own hands to help Cassie actually live a little and enjoy the party with Cassie’s hired escort for the evening. So instead of Cassie usually sedate dress she usually wears, that seems to mysteriously gone missing, Cassie is stuck with the skimpy red dress and accessories that Amy got for her that day. When she tests the clutch purse, out falls a whole lot of condoms. As she starts to retrieve them, all of a sudden she hers a cough and looks up into the eyes of the hottest guy she ever met, who she believes is her escort of the evening…
James Sutton is surprised to walk into M & M Construction to see a woman in a smoking hot dress picking up a purse full of condoms… And is even more surprised when she confuses him for the escort she hired… When he escorts her to her companies Christmas party and gets to know her and her rowdy family, he can’t help being attracted to her and has a difficult time telling her the truth of about who he is, even after spending a few days with her. It becomes even harder when he hears that his company, Sutton Construction, is the McPherson’s biggest rival and he is their number one enemy…

This was a fun book to read. I love reading books about the holidays, especially with the upcoming holidays coming up. It really put me in the Christmas mood. I loved the entire McPherson clan, especially Aunt Wheezie and her matchmaker, or as she prefers to call it Soul Mating for her niece and nephews, schemes. I enjoyed how protective Cassie’s brothers were of her and how they look out for her, and how they all got along with each other. The side story of Cassie’s brother Rory and her best friend Amy, was a nice addition to the book and didn’t take away the main focus of Cassie and James’ story.
When I started reading it and saw it had themes of mistaken identity, I was worried it would be one of those stories that when the other party found out and is extremely angry, that it would be dragged out until almost the end. It was a nice change that both Cassie and James were able to get their emotions and their feelings for each other figured out, without too much animosity occurring between them. Cassie and James’ story was a fun book to read and one I will probably read again. I do look forward to Patrick’s and Matthew’s story to see what girl will turn out to be their Soul Mates…


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