Haunted Spouse by Heather MacAllister

Haunted Spouse


4 Out Of 5 Stars


Lizzie is an architect that designs her favorite thing, Haunted Houses. Its that time of the year where she is in really high demand, and her entire schedule is filled to the brim. She is really surprised one day when she receives a call from Jared Rutledge, an architect that designs really classy establishments. He is creating a Haunted House to gain funds for a physical therapy center and really needs her help. Though her schedule is really full, she can’t help want to do the job to prove that haunted houses are not “frivolous structures” as he used to call them… Because a few years ago they weren’t only business partners, they were also married…
Jared Rutledge was not happy with the way the Haunted House he designed. It is not turning out they way he wanted it to and he is really in need of help to make it a hit, so he breaks down and decides to call his ex-wife for her help. When they reunite, they are off to a bad start when Jake mentions that Lizzie is wasn’t her talent on haunted houses and that she should design more classic type buildings, but as soon as they call it a truce and start to work together to get the haunted house completed, they soon realize the sparks between them never died…

I never read a book about Halloween that didn’t have the usual vampires, werewolves, etc. involved. When I came across this one at Amazon for a Kindle e-book for free I figured I would give it a try, and I am happy that I did. It was a fun story about two people who were total opposites in many ways, but were able to figure out away to be together. When they reunited and they finally were able to talk to each other and was able to discuss about way their marriage didn’t work out before, they were able to resolve it so that they can have a fresh start.
The story was a little short and I was kind-of hoping that their would be an epilogue that was set a year or two later to show the readers how the relationship progressed, but I guess it didn’t end on a bad note.


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