Christmas Babies (Holiday Babies) by Mona Risk

Christmas Babies (Holiday Babies)


4 Out Of 5 Stars


Madelyn Ramsey just lost out on the new directors position at the Women’s Clinic at St. Lucy’s Hospital to Dr. Nick Preston, job the she was absolutely trying her best to obtain. Though she takes the loss gracefully. After agreeing to join Nick and her other colleagues at the Sea-Waves bar for a celebration of his new position, she heads to a doctor and friend in Miami hoping that her blood results and tests that she had done before didn’t turn out to what she feared. After hearing the results that she has early symptoms of epilepsy. And she is determined to start having a little fun and not just devote herself to her career…
Nick has been trying to go on a date with Madelyn for 5 years now and was excited that she finally agreed to meet him at the Sea-Waves bar for his celebration. After hours pass by he is afraid that she wont show up, until he sees a whole new Madelyn walk threw the door. He can’t help but wonder what brought on this new Madelyn and hopes to get to know her better, without having a committed relationship…

The book was an enjoyable short read. Everything was face paced and I would have been able to read it in one setting if I started reading it earlier in the day. Fortunately the author did a good job of having it flow just right where you at least didn’t feel like you missed anything or having random things added to it. I did enjoy they relationship between Nick and Madelyn and how it seemed to grow with each encounter. I thought her mom was the perfect matchmaker. The twins were just the right addition in getting everything to come together in the end.
It was a good book revolving around the holidays. So I am glad that I came across while its the Christmas season. I recommend this book anyone looking for a short, light, emotional book to read for the holidays.


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