Dancing with the Duke (Landing a Lord 0.5) by Suzanna Medeiros

Dancing with the Duke (Landing a Lord, #0.5)


4 Out Of 5


Alex, The Duke of Clarington is in the worst place possible… Almack’s at the beginning of the season, all do to a promise he made with his mother and sister to have one dance with his sister’s best friend, Charlotte, to launch her into society. Its been 7 years since Alex has last seen Charlotte Grant, who was gangly, always blushing around him, and stuttering every time she spoke to him. But when she is announced and walks in with his mother and sister, he doesn’t recognize the women standing there…
Charlotte has always been in love with Alex ever since she met him. Lack the confidence to make it known to him since she was but a teenager. But now that she was older she gains the confidence to finally see if she can get him to look her way, along with his sister’s help…

This was a good start to the “Landing a Lord” series. I always had a weakness’ stories when they new each other since they were younger and when the heroine has been in love with hero ever since. I really liked how after Alex realizes his feelings for Charlotte that he wanted to court her openly in society. And though Charlotte was a little fast in jumping to conclusions about situations that came up during their relationship progress, it added a touch of reality to the relationship when you think that she has been in love with Alex since she was 15 and who wouldn’t have some insecurities when things seem to good to be true.
I was a little disappointed that it was really short and I wished there was a little more to Alex and Charlotte story. I wished the author went into more detail about Alex’s friends and also had them a little bit more involved in the story. As well as Alex’s mother, and though Lucy, Alex’s sister, was a little bit more involved, after all she is Charlotte’s best friend and partner in crime.
For a novella, it was written really well. Though I wish there was more to their story, the author did a good job in having the story flow really well. She didn’t leave you hanging and have some areas dragging. All in all it was a good novella, and it has made me interested in the other books in the series.


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