How to Romance a Rake (Ugly Ducklings #2) by Manda Collins

How to Romance a Rake (Ugly Ducklings #2)


4 Out Of 5


After receiving a note from her friend and piano mentor, Mrs. Anna Turn, Miss Juliet Shelby, becomes distress at what happened to her friend. When Lord Alec Devenish, the Viscount of Deveril, comes upon her and sees her distress, he offers to help her find her friend. In her desperation, she agrees to allow his assistance, and in the process she tries to hide the feelings she has for him…
Alec is drawn to Juliet in a way he is quite unsure of. He has this urge to keep her protected and when he sees some of her mothers abuse towards her, he wants to keep her safe from her mother. After agreeing to help find Mrs. Turner, him and Juliet looks for clues to find her whereabouts. After both of them a thrown together, they are unable to deny the attraction that is between, though they both have secrets that they want to remain hidden from each other. After Alec discovers the plans her mother has in store for her, he offers to marry her and when she agrees, they find themselves on their way to Gretna Green to keep her safe from her mothers machinations…
This was a fun book to read, though I did enjoy its predecessor, “How To Dance With A Duke” a little better. As I was reading it, it just didn’t seem to have the same feeling to it, but it was still an enjoyable book to read.
Both Alec and Juliet grew up with a very domineering parent, that had some way left their mark on them. I loved reading how they both were able to overcome what they thought were fatal flaws, and they both helped each other to overcome it. I enjoyed how their relationship began as partnership that had developed into feelings for each other.
Though Cecily, Winterson, Maddie, and Montieth were mentioned in their story, they didn’t really have much involvement with Maddie and Deveril like they had in the first book of the series. I did enjoy however, how both Cecily and Maddie insisted on helping the gentleman save Juliet in the end and that the author still shown the girl’s stubborn nature of not leaving it just to the men.
The book was an enjoyable read, which did leave me wanting to read the book for Maddie and Montieth, so I can read what mischief they will all get into next and how this so far fun trilogy comes to an end.



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