Loving the Marquess (Landing a Lord #1) by Suzanna Medeiros

Loving the Marquess (Landing a Lord, #1)


4 Out Of 5


When Louisa Evan’s starts crawling into bed after a long day, she is stopped when she hears a knock at the door. After dragging herself away and opens the door to a man that is leaning against the door who says, “I require your assistance…”, as he is swaying and she manages to steady’s before he collapses…
When Nicholas Manning, The Marquess of Overlea, wakes the next morning with a pounding headache and is in an unfamiliar place, he can’t seem to remember where he was and realizes that he had an attack from is illness, the same one that killed his father and his older brother. After clearing the misunderstanding of what happened the night before with the woman the nursed him and introductions were made, he found out that she and her family are the ones that tricked their father out of there money and home, which left them in ruin…
Though Louisa doesn’t like to ask for help, she is in a difficult situation, she is about to lose her home, when her new landlord, Edward Manning, ups the rent or offers her an unscrupulous deal. But unable to figure out a solution, she goes and asks help from Nicholas…
Nicholas needs an heir, before the illness that runs through is family kills him. So when Louisa comes to ask for her help, he offers her to marry her and have her give him an heir. Though he waits until after they are married to tell her his plan that he is going to have another man father his heir…

When I read the synopsis for this book, I wasn’t sure what I to except. The concept of this Historical Romance was different and I got interested on how it would turn out. I enjoyed how there was a strong attraction between Louisa and Nicholas when they first met, though they didn’t act on it. I liked how Louisa was able to take the next step in going to Nicholas for help when she is used to doing and figuring out things for herself. I liked how Nicholas was able to overcome his plans and start getting to know Louisa, though there weren’t a lot of scenes, the ones they had was a great start to the development of their relationship.
Nicholas’ grandma was a great addition to the story. Though she was a little bit manipulative, it lead Nicholas to the decision to get married. And after he tells her he is marrying Louisa, she accepts her and her siblings with open arms and gets along with them.
Though they didn’t in depth about Catherine, Louisa’s baby sister, you do learn that she blames herself for her mother’s death after she died in child birth and then their fathers incident and is willing to do anything for Louisa and her brother John, though they don’t blame her at all. They did mention an attraction between her and Nicholas’ best friend, Lord Kerrick and it kind-of make me hopeful that they are the next main couple in the next book for the “Landing A Lord” series and if this is the case I look forward to see how their relationship grows.
After the wedding Louisa’s brother John leaves. Since his sisters were going to be taken care of and protected he decided he would do what he really wanted to do, but couldn’t since he was put in the position of man of the house. I really was hoping the author had put some mention of John by a letter to his sisters or something along those lines by the end of the book so you know how he was fairing , since after he left he is not mentioned anymore after that. All in all I really enjoyed the book. It had romance, suspense, and mystery.


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