The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister 0.5) by Courtney Milan

The Governess Affair (Brothers Sinister, #0.5)


4 Out Of 5 Stars


Miss Serena Barton has been dismissed from her position as a governess from her former household. Now she is seeking compensation from the one responsible for her dismissal, The Duke of Clermont. Because now that her future is ruined, she wants the Duke to take responsibility for her. She has no fear of the Duke, but the one that she is afraid of is the Duke’s right hand man, the one they call the Wolf Of Clermont…
Hugo Marshall, known to all as the Wolf of Clermont, has just been given a task, take care of the governess that has taken to camping outside his door, until she gets her dos. Getting the Dukes version of the story, which Hugo doesn’t take as matter of factually, he tries to take care of the problem at hand, while the Duke tries to woo his Duchess that upped and left him. After all he is someone that takes care of things with any means necessary, because he has a lot riding on things going well, for his future ambitions, but what he didn’t expected after some verbal bantering was to really starting to care for her…

This was a good start to the upcoming “Brothers Sinister” ‘series. I really enjoyed Hugo’s and Serena’s story. Even though they met under the most pressing circumstances, it was enjoyable to see there relationship grow. From what started as Hugo wanting to get rid of Serena, turned into relationship that helped them overcome their past difficulties. It was enjoyable to read the banter between the too of them. They even had some amusing back and fourths. Hugo became Serena’s safe haven, after experiencing an unpleasant situation. I really liked how Hugo was able to overcome his ambitions and in trying to prove his father’s last words to him wrong, and went to Serena in the end to be with her and help with her dream.
I was thankful that the author didn’t elaborate with what the Duke did to Serena. The author just gave you the hints and enough information to know what had happened. I couldn’t wait until the Duke got his comeuppance.
I am interested to read the upcoming “Brothers Sinister” series, to see who are the main heroes of each book, from what I read in the epilogue its about the characters in this prequel children and I look forward to see how they grew up and how things were worked out after the end of this story.


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