Sweet Madness (Veiled Seduction, #3) by Heather Snow


RATING: 4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

After the death of her husband, Lady Penelope Bridgeman delved into the task of treating traumatized soldiers that returned home with battle fatigue. She studied the afflictions of the mind and found ways to treat all the soldiers that came her away. When Lady Bromwich approached her to treat her son, Gabriel, she accepted…
Gabriel Devereaux, Marquess of Bromwich, has had feelings for Penelope since meeting her at hers and his cousins engagement ball. So when she shows up at the asylum he is staying at, he wants her to leave immediately, so she doesn’t witness his episodes. But when she tells him that she is his last chance before his family has him publicly announced as insane, he reluctantly agrees to let her help him…
But they didn’t expect during the time they spent together, they were actually helping each other heal their deepest wounds. And they didn’t expect their feelings would grow each day that passes…

This book turned out to be an unexpected surprise. The story kept me intrigued in how it will turn out until the end. The characters were really developed well and I loved the relationship development between Gabriel and Penelope. I have read many historical romances so I am sure that I may have actually read something similar before, but I really enjoyed how Gabriel had special feelings for Penelope from the moment he met her and that they kept growing with every encounter, and the author did a really good job in making it stand out against all other historical romances that I have so far. So, I thoroughly enjoyed seeing their relationship grow with each passing encounter.
Though they were only in this book here and there the author did a superb job in bringing my attention to Penelope’s cousin Liliana and her husband, Geoffrey, and made me want to read their story soon, to see if their story was just as fun as this one was. And other books she has released or will release in the future.


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