The Wispy, Women in White at Tretower Castle… As Spirit of the Knight Book Tour Continues!

In giving a nod to the ghostly lasses residing alongside Sir Cailen Braithnock, (though the poor man doesn’t have a clue…) I thought we’d take another look at a haunted castle in Wales that many say is home to several ethereal ladies.
At the turn of the 11th century, there arose in the kingdom of Powys, in Crickhowel, a motte-and-bailey castle known as Tretower. At this time, a Norman knight by the name of John Picard built the structure using earth and timber. By the middle of the 12th century, a member of the family built a stone keep on the motte, replacing the timber defenses.  History records that six generations of Picard’s descendants lived and died here. 
Tretower Castle Photographer: Andrew Lewis

Then, in or around the year 1540, Sir William Herbert, connected to the Picards by marriage, gave the castle to his half-brother Sir Roger Vaughn. Roger subsequently built Tretower Court, and on its grounds, one of our wispy white ladies is said to wander. Many believe she is the spirit of Sir Roger Vaughan’s wife.
Some say the Main Bed Chamber is associated with the apparitions of not one, but two fair ladies. One stands vigil at the windowsill, ever calm and peaceful, while the other is spied as she enters the gallery.

In another bedroom, many have witnessed an anxious, green-eyed woman, also dressed in white. Some members of the staff refuse to enter this particular room, reporting an overwhelming feeling of trepidation.

The castle’s battlements are also haunted by a female specter. She walks the battlements as if anticipating the return of someone….a brother…..a father…..a lover perhaps?

One might ask, are all these ladies one in the same? Or do we truly have several different ladies from different time periods with vastly different personalities?  Truth of the matter is, no one really knows.

Oh, and by the way, the courtroom hosts a little boy spirit, who sits by the door. Those who visit this area experience an oppressive feeling which dominates the atmosphere. No one stays very long.

But then again, can you really blame them?

This week I am visiting with Rhonda Tutt at Queentutt’sWorld of Escapism, where I give you a little bit of history on haunted Baldoon Castle, and Rhonda gives you a review!  Drop by and leave a comment for a chance to win (or another chance to win) our fun prizes!


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