Spirit of the Knight Character Interview, Part Two…

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Beautiful Glen Affric in the Scottish Highlands
Warning! Just as in our previous interview, there are some spoilers ahead, so don’t read the answer if you don’t want to know!
With more questions still on the table, we continue with our Spirit of the Knight character Interview.  Since we began our questions last week with Sir Cailen, I think it only fitting we begin this session with Mariah.

Mariah smiles. “All right, I’m ready!”

Last week we asked Cailen about Beth, now Summer wants to know if you had any desire to explore a relationship with Evan?

Cailen flashes a roguish grin. “Aye, do tell my lady. We’re all ears.”

Mariah shakes her head and laughs at her knight. “You know very well that I didn’t. Though I had ample opportunity to date several men while engaged in painting the various castles, I didn’t take any of them up on the offer. If they pressed the issue I simply told them I wouldn’t be in the area long enough to pursue a relationship. However, once I met Cailen, I discovered that since he was the man who had always, and would always, own my heart, I just didn’t have any interest in anyone else.”

I think that is absolutely awesome! Now, we have a question that goes a bit further. Meg would like to know if Mairwen was responsible for your earliest images of Cailen.

“I asked Mairwen that same question, and though she said she would like to take credit for that particular miracle, she couldn’t. She said she’s of a mind to believe that Cailen and I fell in love long before we entered our mortal state. Mairwen said that when two spirits love as deeply as we most likely did, it is not uncommon for our soul to remember. Since I am an artist, I could express that memory in my art work.”

That sounds very reasonable to me. One more question. What did you think when Hester revealed the existence of more than one female ghosts?

“I’m not sure. I didn’t doubt her testimony. However, since I hadn’t seen them myself, I wasn’t sure if they were still around.”

All right, Cailen, here’s a question for you.

Meg wants to know why you were you startled when Mariah told Laird MacNaughton that he and Evan favored the same sketch?

“Because Murriah had never mentioned that afore. Although I knew Evan had clear recollection of our faces, as he grew older, we came to believe that he thought us a figment of his childish imagination and nothin’ more. Yet, his statement to Murriah suggested otherwise. We had to wonder why then, he didn’t tell her that he knew us.”

Concerning Evan, Tammy wants to know if it gave you a measure of satisfaction leaving the weasel quaking in his boots the night he came to the castle demanding to see Mariah?

“Aye, it gave me a great deal of satisfaction. I had hoped the incident would halt further interference, but as ye know, he tested me a final time.”

Yes, and that event gave me a great deal of satisfaction. This next question is for both of you. When Duncan made his sudden appearance at the bridge and interrupted the kiss, who was more disappointed?

“I was,” said Mariah and Cailen simultaneously, and that made them laugh.

Cailen gazes at Mariah and grins. “I desired that kiss from the moment I first laid eyes on the lass. I cannae explain it well, but at the precise moment, I felt a yearnin’ in my soul that I had never experienced afore. So trust me, when that first opportunity presented itself, I wanted nothin’ more than to experience that kiss. I also had a need to know if she could feel it as I intended her to feel it.”


Mariah drops her gaze for a moment and blushes. “Well, you have to remember, Cailen stood at my side the whole of my life. As I grew older, he and I shared many kisses in my dreams. So just imagine how I felt when Duncan halted the experience. I too, wanted to know if I could feel it.”

So,when the first kiss finally took place, how was it different for you both in regards to your ghostly and mortal state?

Mariah glances at Cailen. “I’ll answer that first. For all those who have wondered, I could feel that kiss just as well as if he were in his mortal state. However, I had never, ever experienced anything more powerful or beautiful in my entire life.”

Cailen nods. “I couldnae have said it any better, my lady. That kiss and each kiss thereafter have never failed to stir my soul.”

Every love should be like that!  Thanks so much for answering the questions posed by our readers.

I turn my attention to the knights. I have a couple of more questions for you!
Nicole wants to know if you teased Cailen unmercifully over his growing attraction to a mortal?

Duncan laughs as he winks at his cohorts. “Most definitely. Despite the fact that we encouraged the relationship at every turn, as ye might have noticed, we couldnae help but pester the man. He would’ve expected no less!”

One more, and then we’ll call it a day. We have witnessed some of your day to day life – we’ve seen you at parties where you eat, drink, and dance. We’ve seen the knights train and spar. So, what several readers want to know, is when it comes to interacting with another spirit in your spiritual state, are there any limitations as to what you can do now, versus what you could do in mortality?

Laughter abounds and with a devilish look in his eye, Malcolm leans forward. “Nay lassie, we dinnae have any limitations whatsoever.”

Well okay then!  Thank you all so very much for coming. I don’t know about everyone else, but I have really had a lot of fun, so don’t be surprised if I call you all back!

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