Interviewing Characters from Shadow of the Witte Wieven… Part One!

I’ve had so much fun inviting my various book characters over for an interview, I thought I’d do it again. (Not to mention, I kind of, sort of, promised…)

Cover Created by the Awesome Shandra Kay!
In celebration of “Shadow of the Witte Wieven’s” Second Edition release (which provides additional content along with a BRAND NEW COVER), I gathered Wolf, Aliyana and the crew to answer some questions provided by my beta readers. I want to thank each of these very lovely ladies and let them know publicly that I just couldn’t do without their input, advice and support… You’re the best!
First up, we’ll get the “added content” out of the way for those who might not know. As I’ve mentioned before, when I first submitted Shadow of the Witte Wieven, Inkspell Publishing had an 80,000 word limit. My book far exceeded that number and therefore, much of the back story concerning the crew and Wolf’s past had to be edited out of the book. Even with all of the snipping, the story still came in at over 100,000 words. Because so many wanted to know more about the characters, I decided to write the back story in the form of a prequel entitled, “Van Locken’s Witch.” Then, to tie the two novels together a little bit better, Inkspell graciously allowed me to create a second edition with the needed additions to the story, and then give it a brand new look.
So, here we go, and the first few questions are for Wolf’s crew.
Andries, this question is just for you. As the oldest member of the crew, do you ever wish that you hadn’t been aboard the Witte Wieven when it passed into a different dimension, given the longer life span?
Andries shakes his head. “Not at all. I consider every day of my life a blessing and I wouldn’t trade away a single moment of it. In addition, the longer lifespan simply gives me more time to experience new adventures–and–the opportunity to finally get things right!”
My girls want to know if any of you have girlfriends or wives?
Laughter erupts as the boys look at each other. Laurens lifts a hand. “I’ll be the spokesmen for that if it’s all right. Right now I would have to say Conrad is closer to marriage than anyone else and we’ll leave it at that for now. Pieter and Cornelius are currently “involved” with very lovely ladies whom we all adore, while Johannes, Andries, and myself, are having far too much fun with the ladies to settle down with any one of them…at least at present.”

Are we going to hear about these ladies in a future story?

Pieter returns a conspiratorial wink. “Quite possible…”

Okay, one more and then we’ll save the rest for next time. Do you all feel the same physical sensation each time you pass through a portal, as you did the first time?

Johannes looks at his companions and shrugs. “To a degree, I would say, but not nearly as intense as the first time around.”

Thanks boys!  Aliyana, I’m only going to ask you one question today and then save all the rest for next week. My girls want to know why, since Wolf is so incredibly handsome, you were so adverse to accepting his help?

Aliyana turns her gaze toward Wolf and smiles. “Simply for the fear that engulfed me over the instant, intense, attraction I had for the man. I’d never felt anything like it before and I was so afraid that he’d end up breaking my heart.”

I understand the fear, but this is Wolf we’re talking about here.

Aliyana laughs and nods. “And that’s why he won…”
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Wolf puts an arm around her shoulders and draws her close. “I had no intention of losing that battle, my love.”

And we’re all very happy to hear that Wolf. One question for you and then we’ll call it quits for today if you all promise to come back next week!

My lovely beta readers want to know at what point did you know, after all of your years roaming free as a bachelor, that you wanted Aliyana to be part of your forever?

“From the very moment she opened her exquisite green eyes and looked at me.”

Awwww…. Well thank you so much everyone and we’ll see you all same time, next week!


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  1. Thank you so very much for sharing! You’re the best!

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