Wolf and Aliyana Answer Questions, in the Shadow of the Witte Wieven Character Interview Part Two!

Original Post By Debbie Peterson

I know I promised this interview last week, BUT (and it’s a big but…) my lovely editor sent me the first round edits for my upcoming novel, Court of the Hawk–to  be published by The Wild Rose Press— and I had to work nonstop on getting them done and back to her in a timely fashion! (More information on that book will be forthcoming because I am so excited to share it!)

Anyway, I’ve once again asked Wolf and Aliyana to stop by and answer just a few more questions submitted by my wonderful readers, regarding their adventure as told in  Shadow of the Witte Wieven! So, here we go…

Boarding the “Flying Dutchman” 1887 by Boarding the “Flying Dutchman
Our first questions are for Wolf:
Now that you are very well aware of Aliyan’s skills and how she carries out her various duties, are you at all hesitant to include her on your more dangerous missions in your dimension or would you prefer that she sit home and knit?
Aliyana turns toward him and lifts a brow. Wolf merely chuckles in response and winks. “Not in the least. First of all, she is very capable and I–and my entire crew–find her quite an asset. Secondly, keeping her with me is the best way I know of to keep out of trouble.”
Oh boy…moving rapidly along…We know you were drawn to Aliyana the moment you rescued her from the plane, but what did you think after she awoke and revealed her personality?
“She reeled me in hook, line, and sinker…especially when she lost her temper and gave me ‘what for’ in Spanish. I found and still find that aspect of her personality very delightful. I must confess that every now and again I’ll deliberately say or do something that will provoke a heated Spanish response.”
Ah…you may be paying for that confession a little later today, Wolf.
Wolf grins, takes hold of Aliyana’s hand and gives it a gentle squeeze. “I’ll look forward to it!”
Ahem…You talk a little bit about Lissa (Van Locken’s Witch) in the newest edition of Shadow of the Witte Wieven and in one particular part of the story, you even hear her voice. Is that something that has occurred often over the centuries or was that incident the first time she connected with you after you crossed dimensions?
“Even though three centuries have come and gone, thoughts and memories of Rand and Lissa are never far from my mind. However, the incident you speak of is the only time I have ever heard her audibly.”
Did that surprise you and what do you think it might mean?
“Yes, it did surprise me and I am still trying to fully understand what she might have meant…”
All right Aliyana, we have a few more questions for you… As in the question we asked your handsome husband, we know you too, were drawn to him from the beginning. But despite the fear of allowing your attraction free reign, at what point did you know you lost the battle?
“I think it was a gradual process for me. Each day he chiseled away a little more of the wall I had around my heart. Then when he stepped into my dreams and made me face my feelings without my conscious shields, what remained of that wall came tumbling down. I knew then that I loved him beyond all recall.”
We are very glad to hear that! So, are children a part of your future?
Aliyana turns, gazes at Wolf, and returns his grin with a secret smile. “A whole houseful!”
Well, when they arrive, are you going to still work with Wolf on his various missions?
“As many as I can, but obviously I’ll have to slow down a little bit while they are little. But then again, perhaps during that time I can convince my dashing captain to slow down a bit as well!”
Aww… Well, thank you both very much for coming today and I hope that maybe some day you’ll agree to visit us again! After all, we’re going to want to know what happens to you in the future!
And speaking of that future, tell me dear readers, do you prefer books in a series or just the stand alone novel?

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