Christmas Memories with Santa Claus!

Originally Posted By Debbie Peterson

Well…the tree is up and arrayed in all it’s splendid glory! The rest of the house is still a work in progress but the tree is all a sparkle! What do you think?

I don’t know why, but a Christmas tree can put me in the Christmas spirit faster than anything else. Maybe it’s because of the countless memories it invokes. After all, around here, the tree begins the season.

Now, because my only sister was born on Christmas Day (and that event is my most special and favorite Christmas memory) Santa Claus was a frequent Christmas Eve visitor to our home. We thought it so sad that my dad always had a meeting to attend whenever he showed up. Santa was just so busy, he couldn’t wait for his return either! Nonetheless, we loved sharing the details of that visit with Dad over and over once he got home. Then as we grew older, our association with Santa provided even more amazing memories.

I remember the time we accompanied Santa to a church Christmas party where all of the children were given the opportunity to climb up on his lap and personally tell him what they wanted for Christmas. After that party we followed Santa to a Christmas tree lot. A young child ran after him and said, “Santa! Santa! Wait! We’ve moved!”

Calling the boy by name, Santa said, “I know that Joey and don’t you worry. Since you’ve been such a good boy, I’ll be sure to visit.”

Then, one year we were given the rare opportunity to travel with Santa as he took bags of gifts, toys, and food to a family that didn’t expect him to come that year. What a glorious, wonderful experience to share that event with Santa. You can better well believe a lot of tears were shed, and not just by the family Santa visited!

There are more stories I could share but I’ll let these suffice! Because right now, I want to know if you have a special memory about a visit with Santa? Visit the Official Website Of Debbie Peterson to answer the question.


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