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by Debbie Peterson

Despite a contract on her head, lone Drug Enforcement Agent, Aliyana Montijo must ferret out a mole and stop the assassination of top DEA officials, as so ordered by the Colombian drug lord she seeks to take down. The task is a daunting one, for there is no one she can trust. No one that is, until she encounters a most unlikely ally.

Former seventeenth century captain of the Dutch West Indies Company, Wolfaert Dircksen Van Ness, now from a parallel dimension, encounters the beautiful agent during an unearthly storm in the Bermuda triangle. Drawn to the Spanish beauty he rescues, he pledges his assistance, despite her reluctance to accept either his help or his heart.

Can Wolf bridge both space and time to claim the woman he loves?

The idea one could dream and take part inside another dream never once occurred to Aliyana. Nor, had it ever happened to her before. Yet, she couldn’t find any other explanation for this bizarre experience. She found herself in a strange bed, gazing at a very handsome, broad-shouldered, well-muscled man. The tall, handsome man in question had light brown, shoulder length hair, which he combed back away from his face. His short, well-trimmed beard and mustache seemed darker than his hair or at least it did in this light. He had incredible sky blue eyes, infectious laughter, and a dimpled smile that would melt the iciest heart.

The only trouble with this picture? The form-fitting black doublet he wore looked like something straight out of ‘The Three Musketeers,’ minus the ridiculous broad-brimmed, large feathered hat. And—she wouldn’t be surprised to find him onboard the ship she encountered just before her plane collided with that massive rock. If any of that really happened.

On top of all that, he just told her to call him ‘Wolf’ using a very charming Germanic accent, probably Dutch, gauging from his surname. Okay, Wolf, from which part of my scrambled brain did I conjure a man like you? She closed her eyes once again. Perhaps in so doing she could escape this whacky dream altogether and wake up somewhere else. Some place a little more normal.


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Please welcome Debbie to Kit ‘N Kabookle!

Hello Mary! Thank you so much for inviting me to your blog! It’s a pleasure to be here and answer some of your questions, so let’s get started, shall we?

-What made you want to write?

I think it was just the desire to put the stories in my head down on paper. I should also mention that my husband gets the credit for turning that desire into a reality. Without his encouragement, my stories might still be floating around inside the imagination portion of my brain.

-What draws you to your genre of choice?

I love making the impossible, possible. As a child I often pretended I was a good witch who could perform magic. In my make believe world, dragons, fairies, unicorns, and the ever majestic pegasus were all common. I also loved the fairytales and the joy of happily ever after. No one should be surprised then, when my genre of choice is paranormal and fantasy romance.

-Name a fun fact you learned researching this project.

In some of my mythology books, I came across the term “Witte Wieven” (which in this book is the name of Wolf’s ship) more than once. But not until I wrote the story did I learn who and what the name referred to. The Germanic “Witte Wieven” or “wise women” of legend are amazing herbalists, healers and seers. They are well respected in many cultures for their abilities, wisdom and benevolence. However, arouse their ire, and you could probably live to regret encountering them at all. Now, why would Wolf name his ship “Witte Wieven” of all things? The answer to that question is revealed in the prequel, Van Locken’s Witch. Suffice it to say, a lovely descendent of the witte wieven saves Wolf’s life and in friendship, respect and gratitude, he named his ship for her.

-Which of your characters would you go out for drinks with?

I can’t think of a single one I wouldn’t. All of them are fun and fascinating in their own way.

-For aspiring writers, any tips?

Keep writing, polish your work until it shines, and never, ever give up.

Debbie has always had a soft spot for fairy tales, the joy of falling in love, and happily ever after endings. Stories of love and make believe filled her head for as long as she can remember. However, it was her beloved husband who encouraged, cajoled and inspired her to take up a pen and write some of them down. In 2012, The Wild Rose Press published her first novel, “Spirit of the Rebellion.”

When she’s not busy conjuring her latest novel, Debbie spends time with the members of her very large family. She also pursues her interests in family history which she also teaches, mythology, and all things ancient and historic.

Find Debbie online:

Twitter @DebbiePeterson1

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