Birthday ~ Blogiversary~

A Giveaway from Ki of Doing Some Reading Blog!!!


Remember it’s my Blogiversary Month and it’s my Birthday, well technically it was yesterday but anyways, hurry it up and enter my GIVEAWAY for a chance to win some amazing Print Books and Swags~

Yes~~ I have books. Print Books!!!! Romances!!!! Swags!!! I’ll throw in a GiftCard too for Internationals!!

Hurry up!!! It ends Midnight of the 31st, So the 1st of February!!!

Comment, roam around, check out the other posts featuring authors with giveaways….

Yeah, I’ll put all y’all into the drawing who’ve commented on my other posts too. So double the points!

So if you think this is a prize you want leave a comment with your email telling me you want in and I’ll get you on my list.

*Do share with friends and family who love and enjoy reading Historical romances.

* End at midnight cst on the 31st of January, therefore making it February…

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