Guest Post: How to be scandalous in Georgian England with Author Wendy LaCapra

One to be added to my TBR List…


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Hi y’all!

Today is such an exciting day! I have an awesome author in the book room~

Please give a huge welcome to Wendy LaCapra for being my guest Author today!

Wendy’s here to give y’all some crash course history facts about being scandalous in Georgian times.

Not a list of how “to be” scandalous, which would have been fantastic and plenty to list, but these scandals involves some pretty famous folks during their times.

~Take it away!

How to be Scandalous in Georgian England

Thank you so much for having me, Ki! I am so glad to be joining you on Doing Some Reading. For my guest post, I’d like to talk a bit about Scandal in Georgian London.

While researching the stories of Georgian-era men and women who either flirted with or fell into disgrace, I discovered Georgians were far more tolerant of ‘bad behavior’ than the Victorians…

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