Tracey Devlyn’s Night Storm Book Blitz Tour + Review~

Definitely adding it to my TBR List!!


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Welcome to the fabulous Tracey Devlyn’s Night Storm Book Blitz Tour!!!!

The book blitz tour will take place September 22 – 26, 2014.

imageNight Storm (Bones and Gemstones #1)

by Tracey Devlyn

Historical Suspense Romace

Release date: September 22, 2014


A promising young apothecary picks up the pieces of her life, only to collide with the ruthless thief-taker who once shattered her dreams and her heart.

When the love of his life chose an apprenticeship in Scotland over his marriage proposal, thief-taker Cameron Adair buried himself in his work–building an unmatched network of underworld spies. Forged by his reputation as a ruthless, greed-driven businessman, he has amassed a fortune. But he has one vulnerable spot in his armor–a brilliant, green-eyed apothecary, who continues to haunt his heart. When a murder investigation brings him back into contact with Charlotte Fielding, Cameron sets aside the past to find a killer and…

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One to be added to my TBR List…

Rakes And Rascals

(Scandalous Seasons, 1)

Genre: Historical Romance (Regency)

Cover Blurb

Hopeless romantic, Lady Emmaline Fitzhugh, is tired of sitting with the wallflowers, waiting for her betrothed to come to his senses and marry her. When Emmaline reads one too many reports of his scandalous liaisons in the gossip rags, she takes matters into her own hands.

War-torn veteran, Lord Drake devotes himself to forgetting his days on the Peninsula through an endless round of meaningless associations. He no longer wants to feel anything, but Lady Emmaline is making it hard to maintain a state of numbness. With her zest for life, she awakens his passion and desire for love.

The one woman Drake has spent the better part of his life avoiding is now the only woman he needs, but he is no longer a man worthy of his Emmaline. It is up to her to show him the healing power…

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Review Tour: A Lady Never Lies by Stephanie Burkhart

Another Intriguing Sounding Steampunk Romance! I really should reading the book series…


I’m super happy to welcome Stephanie Burkhart and her time travelers back to the blog !!! This time we’re following Richard Windsor and Jocelyn Dunkirk on their adventure~

Cover_ALadyNeverLiesCoverA Lady Never Lies by Stephanie Burkhart

(The Windsor Diaries Book 3)

Steampunk Romance

Desert Breeze Publishing

161 pages


Jocelyn Dunkirk is not your typical Victorian lady. She dresses in leather, wears goggles and is not afraid to get a little grease under her fingernails. Gentlemen avoid her like a dirty rivet.

Richard Windsor, the Prince of Wales, travels through time to claim Jocelyn’s heart, but if it isn’t one challenge, it’s another. He determines to be a constant, steady presence in her life, hoping to prove he’d make a worthy husband.

Jocelyn’s facing a bucket full of problems. The Prime Minister wants her to assist in ending a coal strike before it cripples the nation while her father attempts to…

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Review Tour: A Gentleman and a Rogue by Stephanie Burkhart

Haven’t read a Steampunk Romance yet, but this one has peeked my interest in the genre…


Cover_AGentlemanandaRogueA Gentleman and a Rogue by Stephanie Burkhart

(The Windsor Diaries Book 2)

Steampunk Romance

Desert Breeze Publishing


Lady Keira Russell is destined to bring compressed natural gas to Britain. Her inner courage and mental toughness rarely falter – except when Prince Edmund Windsor is involved.

Edmund of Wales is from the future. His last jaunt through history muffed up the time line. Now, he’s here to set it straight and win Keira’s heart.

For Keira, if it isn’t one obstacle, it’s another. Queen Victoria has sponsored a competition to find a cleaner fuel source than coal. Keira’s father is trying to build a windmill and the Ridgecrofts are working with gasoline. Then there’s Edmund, whose sensual kisses and heated stares distract her down to her bones.

Keira has a choice: trust Edmund’s notorious mischief-making or put her faith in Queen Victoria to make the right decision, but if…

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