Mountain Fire by Brenda Margriet

Mountain Fire


4 Out Of 5 Stars


When June Brandt is taking a little time off and goes hiking, she meets Alex Weaver when he drops by the cabin that she is staying at. When Alex informs her that he is there to investigate a the death of a grizzly bear and asks her to show him the location, she goes a long and helps him out. After finding the grizzly’s body and investigating it, they determine its the work of a poacher…
After the investigation and having no leads to follow Alex and June go there separate ways. But Alex can’t keep June out of his mind and he finds ways to get to know her. When another bear is reported being dead, he asks June to come along and help them. Which in turn has them being targeted by the poachers. So now they have to find a way to get the poachers captured… And figure out where the feelings they have developed for each other will led them…

This was an interesting book to read. I like how Alex and June’s relationship develops, and how it wasn’t rushed into it. Though they both have different opinions about love and marriage they were able to overcome it and come to an understanding about their future. I really enjoyed June’s family members and they were fun side characters.
The story plot flowed really well. There wasn’t any added storyline that distracts you from the main story and everything comes together by the end. To me it become a little obvious who the villain was towards the beginning, so I wasn’t kept in suspense on who it could be. So, I did look forward to how the ones responsible got their come-up-ping’s.