Spirit of the Rebellion By Debbie Peterson

Spirit of the Rebellion


5 Out Of 5 Stars


Do you like books that have a houseful of ghosts with varying personalities? Where the heroine is clever and strong spirited in character? Do you like a ghostly hero that is chivalrous in nature and comes to the rescue? Where the Hero and Heroine go on this adventure to discover the truth to an old set up that occurred many years ago? And a story that ends with an Happily Ever After? If your answer is YES then you will really enjoy reading this book!!
I really enjoyed the book and wished I was able to read it beginning to end without any disruptions. I didn’t want to put it down at all and those are the kind of books I especially love to read. I loved how the author blended Norse mythology into the story to make the heroine understand what occurred all those years ago. And how she unravels it a little at a time to show you what happened. I liked the bit of History she integrated into the story to give you an idea of the battles fought at that place in Tennessee. I enjoyed the ghostly side characters and the fun the brought to the story. I really loved the romance between Shae and Tristan and the way you discover how their love started. And though their romance started a little rocky at first, I like how they cleared misunderstandings and came to rely and get to know each other. That turned them into an extraordinary, romantic couple.
The book, though targeted for adults, is great for all ages. It is a really fantastic, fun paranormal romance to read. I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys unique paranormal romances.