The Price of Honor By Emilie Rose

The Price of Honor


4 Out Of 5 Stars


This one was one of my favorites of the Harlequin Desire Collection. After the heroine, Megan (an Equestrian rider), finds out that her boyfriend that she love’s with all her heart of six months, Xavier (a multimillionaire business owner in the perfume industry), has a fiancee that he is marrying in a year she is heartbroken. Especially since she found out she was pregnant a few hours earlier. After this discovery she sets her business in order and gets her horses sent home, she gets on a plane and goes home and lives with her engaged cousin Hannah…

After this point everything is set into motion. We see how Xavier and Megan react to each others revelations, Xavier’s fiancee that he tells Megan is just an business deal that he made years ago and honor bound to keep, and Megan’s pregnancy that comes into light to Xavier’s dismay.

In my opinion I thought that Megan was a strong character that doesn’t quit and tries to stick to her guns. I like how she tries to find away to get Xavier to see he loves her, and break is business deal that he has with his fiancee, and to make a future with her, there unborn child and become a family. Even when she loses hope about Xavier’s presence in her life for the future she struggles to do what is right for her unborn child and finds way to make things work out for her career and having time with her child.

As for Xavier, I thought he was somewhat bull-headed and a jerk. In is mind since he doesn’t have to marry is fiancee for a year to complete the business deal, that he can continue on with Megan like it never came out and thought she was just throwing a tantrum for him not leaving his fiancee for her and not getting her way. Then after he finds out about the pregnancy he tries to get Megen to relinquish her rights as a mother (trying to pay her off, getting to think she couldn’t juggle a child and her career, etc.)so he can have sole custody of their child. In the end I like when Xavier finally comes to his senses and realizes he loves her and tries to make everything right to when her back. Emilie Rose did a good job in writing Xavier’s turn about.

I was kind-of hoping that there was more in the epilogue other then just them getting married. But it was a decent ending to Xavier and Megan’s story.