Carol’s review For Eva Devon’s, “Dreaming Of The Duke”. Isn’t life funny, I just did a review for this title yesterday…

Rakes And Rascals

(Duke’s Club, #2)

Genre: Historical Romance

Cover Blurb:

A duchess who desires her freedom.

Cordelia Eversleigh, Duchess of Hunt, has spent her entire life in Egypt, sifting through the sands, cavorting with the local tribes, and uncovering the tombs of glorified ancient Egyptian accountants. Now, all she wishes is to go to Paris and study the mysteries of the hieroglyph. There’s only one problem. She needs to annul her marriage to the husband she has never met. But when she comes face to face with the infamous duke, he stirs a wicked desire in her nature that shocks her to the tips of her oh so practical toes.

A duke longing to be tamed.

Born the second son, Jack Eversleigh, now the Duke of Hunt, has accepted he is going to be a terrible duke. Loving wine, women, and song, he knows there’s only one thing to do. Live up…

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Dreaming Of The Duke (Duke’s Club #2) by Eva Devon


RATING: 4.5 Out Of 5 Stars

“A Feisty and Tough Heroine”
“A Swoon-Worthy, But Troubled Hero”
“A Romantic Journey From Beginning to End!

Cordelia Eversleigh, the Duchess of Hunt, has returned to London, and has resulted in stalking her own husband,  Jack Eversleigh, the Duke of Hunt, to get one thing from him… an annulment. After following him into a place where no lady should go, she finally gets a chance to talk to him. After some light banter between them, Cordelia is about to tell him who she is and why she appeared before him, but she’s interrupted, and he walks out the door before she can tell him…
Jack has never met anyone like her, nor has been drawn to a woman like this before, and before he has a chance to learn her name he was interrupted to go save his twin brother from his drunken shenanigans. But luckily he knows where she is staying and decides to go officially meet her, but he never expected that the woman was his wife that his father had him married by proxy when they were children. And after learning that she was there to get an annulment he comes up with a proposition for her. She has to spend one week with him then he will give her freedom to what she wants, even back to her archeological pursuits…
But what they didn’t expect was once the they started, it was going to complicate their desired goals. Making them make a choice of whether to pursue their marriage or follow their own separate paths..

I came across this book when I received Eva Devon’s newsletter where it stated that this book was on sale at Amazon. After reading the synopsis for it, it peeked my interest enough that I went ahead and bought it. I am glad that I did, because I enjoyed Jack and Cordelia’s story. The heroine of the story was just fun. She was blunt, knew how to take care of herself, and was no shrinking miss. The hero was like all heroes in Historical Romances, maybe a touch more though, before they meet the woman for them, sexy and a complete Rake! It was delightful to read how Cordelia stands up to Jack and the times she was able to knock him down a peg or two. And the banter between them was really entertaining. As you turn each page you learn more aspects of their character, that help you understand how and why their characters turned out the way they did.
I enjoyed the funny one-liners that were said throughout the book, and the characters that delivered them had endeared themselves to me. The story plot, for the most part, flowed smoothly. In regards to this statement, as with all pros the can be listed, there is usually at least one or two cons that come up while reading in one way or the other, and for me the only thing that I was impartial to was there was too much sexual byplay that detracted the flow from the story at times, but luckily I was able to get back on track eventually.

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