‘Twas the Night After Christmas (Hellions of Halstead Hall #6) by Sabrina Jeffries

'Twas the Night After Christmas


4 Out Of 5 Stars


“Dear Sir,
Forgive me for my impertinence, but I feel I should inform you that your mother is very ill. If you wish to see her before it is too late, you should come at once.
Mrs. Camilla Stuart”

When Pierce received this letter from his mother’s companion, it chilled him. He didn’t have a good relationship with his mother, ever since he was eight and sent to school. He wasn’t allowed to come home and spend time with his mother or father during the holidays and was always sent to his father’s family. And when he hit the age of majority, there was an incident that had him turn away from both parents and never saw them again. Even after his father’s funeral he never established a relationship with is mother. So after receiving this letter he thought he would do the right thing and say his goodbyes and hear his mother’s explanation…
When Camilla sent the letter to Pierce Waverly the Earl of Devonmont, she wasn’t actually being honest… The countess was in excellent health, other then her being sad and pining for her son who hasn’t even written back to his mother. She wasn’t even sure if her farce would work, but when the Earl shows up, she is really surprised, and scared of her position when the Earl learns she lied. The Earl his ready to leave straight away, but after Camilla makes a bargain with him he decides to stay. After each day he stays Pierce and Camilla get closer and more attracted to each other, but they each have their own secrets and don’t know what to do with their attraction…

Since its that time of year, I have been reading books that has Christmas involved with the story. I enjoyed reading this book and it was different compared to anything I have read. I enjoyed how Pierce’s and Camilla’s relationship grew each day that he decided to stay and how as time went on, he was able to share his secrets with her. It wasn’t one of those, that when they first one or the other or sometimes both had to have the other person, but they actually got to know each other.
Though Pierce and his mother’s relationship was tense, you were able to tell that she was devoted to her son and it made me wonder what happened to make her distance herself from him. It made me look forward to seeing how everything turned out in the end.
Jasper, Camilla’s son, was just adorable. He was obsessed with the “A Visit from St. Nicholas”, but it really came apart of the story in a lot of the activities that the did. And I thought that Ms. Jeffries did a great job integrating both Jasper and the poem in the story.
All in all I thought it was a decent book to read for the holidays since its based on forgiveness and new beginnings.