How to Deceive a Duke by Lecia Cornwall

How to Deceive a Duke


4 Out Of 5


Meg Lynton is about to undertake the ultimate deception. When her sister Rose runs away before her arranged marriage to Nicholas Hartley, Duke of Temberlay, better known to all through the scandal sheets as Devil, she takes it upon herself to take her sister’s place to save her family from destitution. So, she dawns a thick veil and steps in, and since the Duke has never met his intended bride she hopes that her deception won’t be figured out until all was said and done. But what is not known to those who know her is that she always was curious who the man is behind the scandalous stories written…
Nicholas never wanted to get married or have the responsibilities of the dukedom. But after Nicholas’ brother dies, he was forced to resign his commission in the army and become the next Duke of Temberlay. With the dukedom’s finances in dire straights he makes a deal with is grandmother, if she gives him the funds to use where it is needed, he will marry the woman of his grandmother’s choosing. When he sees his bride walking down the aisle with a thick veil he fears that she is must be hideous. But when she later removes the veil and he sees her face, he never expected her to be a very beautiful woman…
When I first started reading this book I didn’t know what to expect and I ended up really enjoying this book. When Meg’s deception was brought up, I was worried that it would be dragged out until the middle towards the end until Nicholas found out. I thought Nicholas’ reaction to the deception was genuine, and I enjoyed how they were able to resolve the situation after he dragged her back home. I really liked Meg’s and Nicholas’ relationship. Though they have a rocky start I liked how they decided to get to know each other and spend some time together and get to know each other.
I really liked Meg’s character. She was tough, spirited, and strong willed. It was understandable that it was hard for Meg to figure out her feelings for Nicholas given his reputation. I liked how she was able to discover Nicholas’ true character behind the man mentioned in the scandal sheets. I enjoyed how she was able to gain confidence in herself though she was always let down by her father when he referred to her as his Ugly Duckling out of all his daughters.
I thought Nicholas’ character was a welcome difference in comparison to other heroes of in books that I have read. I liked how he was loyal to his family even though he didn’t have the best relationship with his grandmother. I liked how you found out he is a true hero and that you find out he is nothing like what he is portrayed in the scandal sheets. I enjoyed how he actually mentioned to his last mistress that he is ready to be reformed. I enjoyed reading his character grow along with his relationship with Meg.
I wasn’t sure if Nicholas’ Grandmother would be a likeable character or not. I liked how the author kept me guessing until the last possible moment.
Meg’s family were interesting side characters. And I was happy that Rose wasn’t the main heroine. I think the author did a good job revealing her as a spoiled and having a high opinion of herself in the few scenes she is mentioned. I did enjoy the banter between Meg’s mom, Flora and her godfather and Uncle, Hector. I thought Hector had some funny one liners and enjoyed his scenes.
I didn’t much care for how those that were responsible for Nicholas’ brothers and Meg’s fathers death and financial ruin didn’t really get their full come up pence. I also didn’t like how the truth wasn’t revealed to those that were close to Nicholas that believed he was at fault for his brother’s death. And I think I would have like to have known what Nicholas actually decided to do about his grandmother. Other then that, all in all the book was really enjoyable to read.