Christmas at Ravencrest, A Dark Hero Christmas Short by Lily Silver

Christmas at Ravencrest, A Dark Hero Christmas Short


5 Out Of 5 Stars


Set after the events of “Dark Hero”, everyone is recuperating, and Elizabeth is getting Ravencrest ready for Christmas. Since she has a lot to celebrate this coming holiday such as, no one being killed, the return of her older brother; whom she thought was dead, and now the beginnings of her happy marriage to Donovan. And though she won’t be able to make it a Christmas, like she would have if they were in England, but being located in the West Indies she tries to make her first Christmas together with everyone really special. And she can’t wait to give Donovan his special Christmas present…
This was a fun short story. It made me want to read the book “Dark Hero”, so I knew Donovan’s and Elizabeth’s story, because I didn’t realize it was a short sequel until I started reading it and it mentioned the events that took place for this stories predecessor. The relationship between Donovan and Elizabeth was absolutely adorable and when Elizabeth said they had a rocky start at the beginning of their marriage it made me want to read their story even more to see how they overcame the obstacles that made it difficult at the beginning of their marriage.
All the additional characters were fun, and when Elizabeth’s brother Kieran was mentioned and the slight information about his gifts, it made me really hope that in the main story the author elaborated more on them, also gives us more details about the other characters that came or were already there at Ravencrest, because they seemed like they were great additions to the story; even though they weren’t mentioned a lot during this novella. As a side note, I really hope that the author has a story for Kieran and the lady that he will fall in love with; I am really curious what her character would be like.
I really hope that Captain Jack Rawlings has his own story. Though his character wasn’t touched upon much, the author did great job in making me wonder what girl will be the one to tie him down.
I really look forward in reading “Dark Hero”, so I can read Donovan’s and Elizabeth’s story, as well as seeing and if there is, reading the book for Captain Jack Rawlings and Kieran. I really hope that they are as enjoyable and have the same feeling as I got from this novella.