June Release Spotlight: Lord Gallant (Lords Of Night Street, Book #1) By Wendy Vella


Title: Lord Gallant

Author: Wendy Vella

Book Series: Lords Of Night Street, Book #1

Release Day: June 13, 2015


The Earl of Attwood needed a wife like he needed an inflammation of the chest. However, due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, Miss Grace Esseltte, a dowdy spinster with a tart mouth, had become his countess. Nick was determined she would change nothing in his life, and the sooner he could bundle her off to one of his estates the sooner he could continue with his investigative duties with the Lords of Night Street. However, it seemed his wishes were not to be granted, as his wife found herself in trouble that only he and his friends could extricate her from. Nick had soon realized there was a great deal more to Grace than he had originally believed. In fact, it was not long before he understood that in his Countess, he had found the one emotion he had always believed he was incapable of feeling.

-Taken From Goodreads