The Billionaire Wins the Game (Billionaire Bachelors #1) By Melody Anne

The Billionaire Wins the Game


4 Out Of 5 Stars


Amy Harper just got the dream job she wanted right out of college. She got a job working for Lucas Anderson as an executive secretary. With this job she is one step closer to her future plan. But what she wasn’t expecting after meeting her boss was being really attracted to him…
Lucas Anderson just received the reins as the head of his father, Joseph, company after his retirement. After his current executive secretary, Esther, who was his dads as well, told him she was retiring he told her he still needed her and thought she was going to continue for a while longer. But after Amy appears and sees Esther training her, he learns that she is still going to retire and the his dad hired him a new executive secretary. But what he wasn’t expecting to be attracted to his new executive secretary…
But what they don’t know that its Joseph’s plan to start getting his sons married. Because what Joseph really wants his to have his house filled with grandchildren and Lucas is the first one he gets started with…

It was really a fun book to read. Amy didn’t really have the ideal mom when she was younger and when her mom passed away when she was a young girl, she went into foster care. She hates to rely on anyone and likes to take care of herself. But as you read along you see how Amy learns to rely on others especially the Anderson Family and Tom, one of the Anderson employees.
Lucas is wary of women. The women he has dated has turned out to be with him for his money, power, or status. So he believes all woman are the same. But you see him learn to realize that all woman are not the same after he gets to know Amy.
What really made it fun was Lucas’ dad Joseph. I thought it was funny how he is so fed up with all his sons and how long they were taking to get married and have children of their own that he decides to play match maker starting with Lucas. Though the other two of his sons were briefly mentioned, I am looking forward in reading their stories and see how Joseph plans to get them set up.