Wolf and Aliyana Seek a Little Ghostly Help… Shadow of the Witte Wieven Book Tour Continues!

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Can you believe it’s January 2015 already? Where did the last year go…

Anyway, as we head into the New Year and the final month of our Shadow of the Witte Wieven Book tour, I thought I’d give you a never before shared excerpt, chosen by my lovely daughter. This is the part of the book wherein Wolf and Aliyana ask for a little ghostly help to catch the bad guy…
“Buenos días, Padre,” he said in greeting.
“He is here?” asked Aliyana, as her eyes darted about the area.
“Yes, he is standing right in front of me. At this moment, he is looking at me with a bit of suspicion, so perhaps you might want to take over and give him the reassurance he seeks.”
Aliyana fixed her gaze in the exact same spot as Wolf and gave the priest a smile. She placed the palms of her hands together, raised them to her chin, and bowed respectively to the clergyman she couldn’t see.
“Hola Padre. Me llamo Aliyana Rosa Montijo, y yo nesacito tu ayuda desesperadamente,” she said, giving him her name and asking for the assistance they so desperately needed.
He appeared to her then and bestowed a kindly smile. The mature priest, wearing nineteenth century robes, swept a hand toward the church. “Venga hija, podemos hablar de tus nesacidades dentro de la iglesia.”
Aliyana shot Wolf a glance and gave him a relieved smile. “He is going to hear us out. Come on. He’s invited us into the church.”
They followed the priest up the crumbling walk and into the dilapidated structure. He led them through the broken glass on the floor, passed the weathered pews, and around the side to what remained of his office. Once he had them seated on a rickety wooden bench in front of a decrepit desk, he gave her a nod. “Que puedo hacer para ti mi hija?” He wanted to know how he could help them.
“Mi amigo y yo estamos tratando de detener el asesinato de varios hombres inocentes, y sus esposas y sus hijos,” she said, revealing their quest to halt Emil Mercado’s assassination plot of the DEA officials and their families.
A mixture of anger and anticipation, flashed through the eyes of the priest. He leaned forward and took in both their faces. “Cómo puedo ayudar?” he asked, wanting to know how he could help.
Aliyana took a deep breath and launched into a detailed explanation of their plans. She told him about Emil Mercado—how the drug lord had already murdered an unknown number of people, including her brother. During her dissertation, she described the consequences of his illicit drug empire on those he ensnared around the world. She told him of her own work and involvement as an agent for the DEA. Finally, she laid out their plans to capture Mercado and his cohorts, as well as the part they hoped he would play in making that a reality.
The priest leaned back against his chair and nodded. His gaze traveled over to Wolf before they wandered back to her. He paused for a moment and then rose from his seat. With a single wave of his hand, he bade them follow. They trailed him down the hallway and to the back entrance of the church. Once outside, he led them to the cemetery. While they traversed row upon row of graves, he spoke. Aliyana translated his words for Wolf.
“Many are buried here that have fallen victim to men such as Emil Mercado and his accomplices.” He pointed to a fragmented stone, and then another, followed by yet another. “The blood of these innocent men, women and children compel me to leave my sanctuary for the first time since my death and give the assistance you seek. I have but one request.”
Since the priest directed the question to Wolf, Aliyana paused so that he could answer.
Wolf gave him a nod born of respect. “Name it, and it’s yours,” he said.
The priest returned a grateful smile. “I would like a moment to explain to my little flock, the need for my absence. Many of them will panic otherwise, for you see, even now, they are still in need of a shepherd.”
As Aliyana translated his words, a nineteenth century lad, aged approximately nineteen or twenty at the time of his death, emerged from the mausoleum a short distance away from where they stood. He glided toward them, shot her a shy glance, and then with a slight bow of his head, said, “Perdón por la intrusión, Padre Romualdo.”
“Si, Pedro?” the padre asked with lifted brow.
Aliyana placed a hand against her mouth as she listened to their entire exchange without interruption. Once they arrived at an agreement, she turned toward Wolf. “Pedro overheard our earlier conversation with the father. He said he feels it is his right and his duty as a soldier, to continue to defend his country from men of Mercado’s ilk. Pedro would consider it an honor to assist us in achieving our goals. In so doing, Padre Romualdo wouldn’t need to abandon his flock, which so desperately needs his guidance. This arrangement is agreeable to the father, if it’s agreeable to us.”
Wolf extended a hand toward Pedro, who grasped it in the instant. “We’re grateful for your willingness to help us.”
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The Magic of Winter…

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On this windy, cold and cloudy, New Year’s Eve, the weatherman is calling for snow. Call me skeptical if you will, but so far today, I haven’t seen so much as a drop of rain here in Las Vegas. Now that doesn’t mean we never get snow here. We have had some on occasion. So when we do, I sit back with a hot cup of cocoa, and watch it through the window–from the comfort of my heated home–with a fire roaring in the fireplace.

American Homestead Winter – Currier & Ives

I bet I had an ancestor or two that would’ve loved to have traded places with me. Long ago–when life depended on the planting and harvesting of crops–the long days of winter were filled with various magical rituals. They had rituals for the fields they hoped would ensure an increase in flocks, herds and the harvest. Rituals were held to protect hearth and home. They even had rituals meant to bring back the light of the sun.

Feast of St Martin

In several countries in Europe winter began on Saint Marin’s Day. Those gifted with “sight” would see this saint riding his beautiful white horse across the grasslands. This patron saint of wine and vintners would open his cloak and release the first snow of winter. On the eve of this day bonfires were lit and the animals that would not live through the season were slaughtered and salted. A feast in Martin’s honor was held and the first of the new wine served to all in attendance.

In memory of this saint, the children in Germany would put containers of water on their doorstep with childlike faith that St. Martin would stop by and change the water to wine. As they awoke on Martinmas day, they would run to the door and indeed find the water changed to wine. Beside the wine they would find a special horseshoe shaped cookie, providing proof that St. Martin had stopped by.

There were customs for New Year’s Eve as well. In many places all throughout Britain and spreading all the way to Austria, a body fashioned from straw was carried through the streets. “Death,” as they called this hapless form, was then burned, buried, or drowned, whichever was the handiest way to rid themselves of this demon, so that the new year could bring prosperity without hindrance.

In other places, revelers donned masks and costumes so that they could elude the evil powers lurking about as they paraded throughout their towns. They would crack their whips, clang bells and beat on their drums, all in order to drive out the ghosts of the waning old year and bring in the new.

I guess in our own way, we still do a little “town-rattling” of our own with the party favors, feasts, reveling, and fireworks.

So tell me, how do you bring in the New Year?

Today, on the final December stop of our book tour, I am answering questions at Bunny’s Book Reviews, so if you have the chance, stop by and say hello!

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The Three Ghosts of Christmas…

Originally Posted By Debbie Peterson

A Christmas Carol, written by Charles Dickens and published in 1843 is one of my favorite Christmas stories. As part of our family Christmas traditions, we either read it, or watch one of the many movie versions we own based on the story. The kids love Disney’s version starring Mickey Mouse and I think I’m kind of partial to the one starring George C. Scott… (We also like Scrooged…ahem)

A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. London: Chapman & Hall, 1843. First edition. Title page.

Anyway, I’,m sure it doesn’t surprise anyone who knows me, or reads my blogs or books that the Three Ghosts of Christmas fascinates me. We have the ghost of Christmas Past, which takes Scrooge on a journey filled with Christmas memories. The ghost of Christmas Present that forces dear old Scrooge to see firsthand the holiday celebrations of those way less fortunate and, finally, we have the ghost of Christmas Future…a future that might be but doesn’t have to be. During my childhood, all the ghosts scared the Dickens right out of me (sorry, couldn’t resist) because the thought of one of them showing up in the middle of the night by my bed seemed anything but pleasant.

Nonetheless, as over the years I gave the matter some thought, I decided that taking a journey with the ghost of Christmas Past might actually be fun because I’ve had so many amazing Christmas memories, some of which I’ve already shared.

The ghost of Christmas Present? I don’t know…a visit with him would make me wish for Santa’s super powers…

And how about that ghost of Christmas Future? I thought long and hard about that one. If there was such a thing as that particular Christmas spirit, or even a crystal ball, would you use it? Would you want to know what would transpire in your future, or would you rather just take it as it comes? I think of the the song “The Dance,” by Garth Brooks:

“Holding you, I held everything
For a moment, wasn’t I king
But if I’d only known how the king would fall
Hey, who’s to say! I might’ve changed it all
Our lives are better left to chance
I could have missed the pain
But I’ve have had to miss the dance.”

There’s a lot of wisdom there, but then again, take a look at Scrooge… With a small peek into the future, he changed his life for the better, and it not only affected him, it also affected those around him.

So… here’s a couple of questions for you…Which Christmas ghost would you like to take a trip with, and would you really want to take a look at your future? (Visit the Official Blog Of Debbie Peterson to enter the giveaway and answer the question!)

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas, or if you don’t celebrate Christmas, then Happy Holidays!!


The on-going Shadow of the Witte Wieven book tour….

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The Best Christmas Gift Ever…

Originally Posted By Debbie Peterson

So, last week I waxed nostalgic about Santa Claus. This week my thoughts have taken me to my most memorable, most special, most favorite Christmas gift of all time! Nothing has ever topped it and I truly don’t think anything ever will. So..

 I was five years old and during that Christmas season, my mother was pregnant. Very. Pregnant. In fact, our baby was due to arrive around the middle of January. At the time, my three other siblings were all brothers and oh, how I longed for a sister. Believe it or not, my brothers wanted a sister almost as much as I did. Mom and Dad tried to prepare us for another brother should one come, but none of us were having any of it. We wanted a sister, and that’s all there was to that! (At the time sonograms were non-existent, so no peeking…)
I vividly remember my mom working hard all day long on that Christmas Eve. She cleaned the house and then baked a variety of cookies and sweets. After that, she began early preparations for the Christmas dinner our large extended family would come over and eat the next day. That evening we gathered around the tree that smelled so heavenly of pine, and opened our one gift. Once again, my beautiful mother had made all of us a new pair of flannel pajamas to keep us warm and cozy. She read us the Christmas story, gave us all a kiss and sent us off to bed. After all, Santa could come any moment and we had better be sleeping or he would pass on by!

However, no self-respecting five year old is going to nod right off to sleep on Christmas Eve. Isn’t part of the fun watching for Santa and his reindeer? So, I stayed awake and I am here to tell you that I heard jingle bells that night…in our living room…and it scared the dickens right out of me! I squeezed my eyes shut hoping that Santa would believe I was sleeping.

A minute and a half later (or so it seemed) water running in the bath tub woke me up. Curious, I walked down the hall to discover the reason and found my mother taking a bath (in the middle of the night?). When she saw me peeking around the door she gave me a smile and told me that she thought Santa might have come and maybe I should take a peek by the tree and see if he left me anything. I did. There by the tree was a beautiful doll, almost as tall as me. Mom said I could take it to bed with me if I wanted.  Boy, did I want to! I went back to bed and snuggled with my beautiful doll.

Another minute and a half passed and all of a sudden the light in my bedroom went on. I opened my eyes and saw my daddy standing there with a huge smile on his face. He looked at me and he said, “Merry Christmas, Deb. You have a baby sister!” (Was mom cutting it close or what?)

Christmas is indeed a time for miracles, and that night one came to my house! Is it any wonder then that my beautiful sister is, and will ever continue to be, my most favorite, most special Christmas gift?

Many, Many Years Later and with four more grandchildren yet to be born…

What about you? What is your favorite or most memorable Christmas gift? Visit the Official Blog Of Debbie Peterson to answer her question and to enter the giveaway!!

Christmas Memories with Santa Claus!

Originally Posted By Debbie Peterson

Well…the tree is up and arrayed in all it’s splendid glory! The rest of the house is still a work in progress but the tree is all a sparkle! What do you think?

I don’t know why, but a Christmas tree can put me in the Christmas spirit faster than anything else. Maybe it’s because of the countless memories it invokes. After all, around here, the tree begins the season.

Now, because my only sister was born on Christmas Day (and that event is my most special and favorite Christmas memory) Santa Claus was a frequent Christmas Eve visitor to our home. We thought it so sad that my dad always had a meeting to attend whenever he showed up. Santa was just so busy, he couldn’t wait for his return either! Nonetheless, we loved sharing the details of that visit with Dad over and over once he got home. Then as we grew older, our association with Santa provided even more amazing memories.

I remember the time we accompanied Santa to a church Christmas party where all of the children were given the opportunity to climb up on his lap and personally tell him what they wanted for Christmas. After that party we followed Santa to a Christmas tree lot. A young child ran after him and said, “Santa! Santa! Wait! We’ve moved!”

Calling the boy by name, Santa said, “I know that Joey and don’t you worry. Since you’ve been such a good boy, I’ll be sure to visit.”

Then, one year we were given the rare opportunity to travel with Santa as he took bags of gifts, toys, and food to a family that didn’t expect him to come that year. What a glorious, wonderful experience to share that event with Santa. You can better well believe a lot of tears were shed, and not just by the family Santa visited!

There are more stories I could share but I’ll let these suffice! Because right now, I want to know if you have a special memory about a visit with Santa? Visit the Official Website Of Debbie Peterson to answer the question.


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In An Attitude of Gratitude…and a gift for you!

For me, the Thanksgiving week is not only filled with the hustle and bustle of dinner preparations, which takes us two days to prepare, but to also reflect on my many, many blessings.

First and foremost, my family. I wished every one of you could meet them. If you stopped in for Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner, you just might! I can’t remember a single year our house wasn’t filled to capacity with family and friends. With my mother being one of nine children and my dad one of four, I have more cousins than I care to count. All throughout my youth a goodly portion of them always showed up for dinner at our house.

As it always does, time marched on, my childhood faded away, and adulthood took over…

My parents during their dating years…Aren’t they just the cutest things?

I have four siblings, and together the five of us have produced twenty-four grandchildren for my beloved parents. In turn–so far–those grandchildren have blessed them with forty-three great-children, one more on the way, and two more sweet little girls we are hoping to add to our family through adoption. Great-great grandchildren? They have two so far…. If you do the math, all of our family gatherings are a party waiting to happen, and Thanksgiving is no exception. Hence the reason it takes us two days to prepare a dinner that feeds so many!

I am most grateful for the abundance of spiritual blessings that resonate deep in my soul. I would not be what I am today without them. I am grateful for my beloved country and for all those who have fought, bled, and died to keep her free. I am thankful for plenty of food on the table and a lovely roof overhead situated on six lovely acres, where we have horses, dogs, cats, chickens, ducks, and a peahen. I am also grateful for the unique experiences I have had during my lifetime, one of which is my journey as an author. I wouldn’t trade the ups and downs of that journey for anything in this world. I love writing and it has not only been an amazing blessing, but a joy to see my books published. I am grateful to each person who has bought, borrowed, or checked out one or all of my books and then sent me a personal note after having read them. I treasure them all! My list goes on and on, but I will let this suffice for now lest I bore you to tears.

Just one more thing, though… In gratitude to all of my wonderful readers, I am offering a free ebook copy of Van Locken’s Witch from Amazon. This offer is good today and through Sunday, November 30th, 2014, so don’t delay! This is the prequel to Shadow of the Witte Wieven and therefore, the perfect gift to give you during my Shadow of the Witte Wieven book tour and giveaway.  Today you will find me answering questions at Our Wolves Den, so if you have a minute, I would love it if you would drop by and say hello! While you’re there, don’t forget to enter our giveaway! 

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Legends That Inspire…

Original Post By Debbie Peterson

Myths and legends intrigue me. They always have. So do the mysteries to which no one has an irrefutable answer. The thing is—the imagination can take you so many places as it forms its own possibilities, its own answers to the world’s legends and mysteries. And in this wondrous place, my novels are born.

In Shadow of the WitteWieven, I took on the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle. Over the years, I have watched many documentaries concerning this oceanic area between Florida, Puerto Rico, and Bermuda (although the area varies by author). I have read books and several recorded testimonies. Many of those accounts share common events: A sudden unusual storm; bizarre cloud formations; flashes of light; loss of visible horizon, and malfunction of navigational equipment to name a few.

And I wanted to know. What happened to all the ships and planes that disappeared without a trace? Why didn’t anyone ever find a piece of wreckage? And what about that abandoned schooner the Ellen Austin encountered in 1881. The captain ordered a skeleton crew to man the deserted ship. And though they sailed alongside each other, a sudden but brief storm separated them. No one ever saw the schooner or her crew again. Where could they have gone in such a short amount of time? What about all of the other ships, planes, and missing crews that have been lost to history?

I came up with at least one answer to that question:

In the year 1632, Wolfaert Dircksen Van Ness, Captain of the Witte Wieven encountered such a tempest while sailing in the heart of the Bermuda Triangle. He knows what happens when one encounters the sudden, mysterious storm that defies all logic.

So, I invite you to settle in to your most comfortable chair, then sail along with Wolf and his crew as they embark on their newest adventure to assist the lovely DEA agent they encounter in the middle of a raging storm…

However, before you do that, you must tell me: What do you think happens during one of those unearthly storms in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle?

*Visit the Official Website Of Debbie Peterson to answer her question and see that images that were available with this post.

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Tillamook Lighthouse and the Ghosts that Haunt it…

Originally Posted By Debbie Peterson

All right! We’ve arrived at week two of the Shadow of the Witte Wieven Book Tour and Giveaway! Today I am visiting with Danita Minnis, so stop on by and say hello…and don’t forget to enter our contest either here or there…I’m not fussy!

Now, because (after Wolf’s ship all but collided with Aliyana’s plane) our handsome captain took Aliyana to an ethereal lighthouse to recover from her injuries, my thoughts have once again, turned to haunted lighthouses!

Department of the Treasury. U.S. Coast Guard. Thirteenth Coast Guard District. (ca. 1944 – 04/01/1967)

More specifically, The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse, off the coast of Oregon. They built this lighthouse on the top of a jagged rock that, according to the native indians in the area… is inhabited by spirits. Despite the legend, on January 21, 1881, the lighthouse entered service. The terrible weather conditions plaguing the waters gave rise to her nickname, “Terrible Tilly.”

Stories of ghosts began to surface even before they laid the cornerstone. At that time, several fishing boats sank in the turbulent waters. Twenty-five men died. The witnesses said they saw a ghostly ship picking up the souls of the deceased. But the question is… did they get them all? Not long thereafter, spine-chilling moans could be heard on the stairwell. Oh, and by the way? The first surveyor of the project, a man by the name of John Trewavas, was swept into the sea during an attempted landing on the rock. They never found his body.

Skilled laborers from the area refused to work on the project, so Trewavas’s replacement, one Charles Ballantyne, had to look for outside help. He kept those men cloistered in the keeper’s quarters so local legends wouldn’t cause them to “abandon ship,” if you get my drift…(ahem). Trouble followed them anyway. A dreadful tempest stranded the crew and during that period of time they all but froze to death and were attacked by sea lions.

Various reports tell us of two ghosts that inhabit Tillamook and they are opposite in nature. Both of them are former lighthouse keepers. The benign ghost loved the lighthouse and the coast of Oregon during his mortality. No one is surprised that he chooses to spend his afterlife inside the Lighthouse. The other keeper is not so nice. During his tenure he threatened to kill anyone who tried to replace him. Enter the new replacement. In the heat of anger, the keeper chased him up the stairs. In defense of his life, the replacement pushed him down the stairs. The local officials deemed him mad and took the keeper away…in a straight jacket. He returned after his death, and from all accounts he is still not happy…

So what do you think? Moans and groans created by the waves and the wind? Or are they made by otherworldly spirits who have a fondness for lighthouses…

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Shadow of the Witte Wieven Book Tour Begins!

Originally Posted By Official Blog Of Debbie Peterson

Inkspell Publishing and I decided that an extended Second Edition of Shadow of the Witte Wieven, graced with a brand new cover, deserved a brand new book tour! We will be giving away a $15 gift certificate for Amazon at the end of the tour, as well as a few other surprises along the way, so stay with us! Today I’m answering questions at Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews so stop by, say hello and enter to win!

Covery design by Shandra Kay!

The Blurb:

Despite a contract on her head, lone Drug Enforcement Agent, Aliyana Montijo must ferret out a mole and stop the assassination of top DEA officials, as so ordered by the Colombian drug lord she seeks to take down. The task is a daunting one, for there is no one she can trust. No one that is, until she encounters a most unlikely ally.

Former seventeenth century captain of the Dutch West Indies Company, Wolfaert Dircksen Van Ness, now from a parallel dimension, encounters the beautiful agent during an unearthly storm in the Bermuda triangle. Drawn to the Spanish beauty he rescues, he pledges his assistance, despite her reluctance to accept either his help or his heart.

Wolf must bridge both space and time to claim the woman he loves…

 http://www.photolib.noaa.gov/nssl/nssl0011.htm Public domain

The Excerpt:

Wolf stood at the helm, his gaze fixed, but not seeing. The fierce wind they’d battled during the storm finally abated. Yet, it continued to haunt him. More than once, he fancied he heard the sound of her voice in the billowing breeze. Each time the experience renewed his pain. He shook his head in despair, took in a deep breath of salty air, and slowly released it.

“Oh, Wolf! You promised you wouldn’t leave me… You promised…”

Those words echoed first inside his mind, and then resounded throughout his entire being. This time, he could hear her anguish and it matched his own.

“Please. Please don’t leave me…” a heart-wrenching sob followed the mournful words

Call him crazy, but those pitiful words sounded as if they drifted into his mind from the west. His heart pounded against his chest as he mulled over a possible reason for the strange phenomena. He tossed it aside as absurd. For surely he wanted to believe so much that she didn’t perish in Cartagena— Wolf paused and for a moment, he reconsidered the impossible notion. But then again, he’d seen impossible before in the guise of a lovely witch. Suddenly, he had to know.

He whirled the wheel all the way to the right, turning headlong into a favorable wind. One way or the other, he needed to find out if Aliyana still lived. Startled gazes shot toward him as they abruptly changed direction.

“Wolf! What do you think you’re doing?” Joris hollered as he strode toward him. He could see the concern etched in his face.

He firmed his jaw and said, “I’m going after Aliyana.”

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I hope you’ll take a minute each week for a series of fun blogs and interviews!  See you there!


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