Sweet Laurel Falls (Hope’s Crossing #3) by RaeAnne Thayne

Sweet Laurel Falls (Hope's Crossing, #3)


4 Out Of 5 Stars


It’s Christmas and Maura McKnight wants to skip it altogether. Since her youngest daughter Layla was killed in an unfortunate accident eight months ago she is not in the Christmas mood. But she puts on a smile on her face and keeps the facade that she is in the Christmas spirit, so she doesn’t worry her family and closest friends. During a Christmas party that Maura was having at her store, Dog-eared Books and Brew, for her book club, she is surprised when her eldest daughter Sage walks in… with Jackson Lange, Sage’s father that wasn’t aware of her existence…
When Jackson walks in Maura’s store during the full swing of her Christmas party he wonders if confronting her now was the best idea… especially when the group of women are just staring at him. But leave it to Sage, his daughter, something he still can’t believe, to announce that he is her father. Something it now seems that no one even knew about,only Maura. He is furious with Maura that she never told him that they had a child, but she is the one he never could forget…
After Jackson decides to stick around for at least the holidays so he can get to know his daughter, he never expected his feelings and attraction he felt for Maura was their, for Maura she never expected the feelings and attraction for Jackson was still lingering as well. So now they have to discover what these feelings will take them and at the same time try to figure out what their daughter Sage is keeping from them…

This book was an enjoyable book to read and the first book I read by RaeAnne Thayne. The characters of the book were really enjoyable and fun. The author I think did a great job in writing Maura’s feelings and acts after losing her daughter. And how devoted Maura and Sage were to each other. The author also did a really good job in describing Jackson’s relationship with his father. I enjoys reading the developing relationship Sage has with her father, Jackson, and later her grandfather, Harry.
I enjoyed reading how everyone in this book was able to overcome their hardships and was able to forward with their lives, though always being able to remember the bad things that occurred without the pain being to stifling. The ending was really good and I liked how the author ended it with them being able to become a full fledged family. The book was really heartwarming and allowed you to read how they were able overcome their obstacles.