Beneath a Rising Moon (Ripple Creek Werewolf #1) by Keri Arthur

Beneath a Rising Moon


4 Out Of 5 Stars


When Neva’s twin sister, Savannah, is attacked and in critical condition she sets out to find her sister’s attacker and the one responsible for a string of murders her sister was investigating. After reviewing her sisters files of the murders, she decides to attend the Sinclair Pack’s Moon Phase gatherings and snag Duncan Sinclair, the only one so far cleared of being a possible suspect.
Duncan returned to Ripple Creak for one purpose, to find the one responsible for the murders that have been happening at his father’s home during the Moon Phase gatherings. He had no intention to join the gatherings, but that changes when he gets an invitation from Neva that he can’t refuse.
When they realize they are trying to achieve the same goal in finding out who is responsible for the murders that have occurred, they join forces to find the killer. As they work together their attraction for each other grows, and they soon realize that their attraction that they have for each other is more than they anticipated…

This was a really enjoyable take on Wolf Shifters. I have read a few series involving shifters and this one had a few great ideas that differ from the other series I have read. Each of the characters have their own mindset that make them fun. I am especially looking forward to the books about Duncan’s bothers, and can’t wait to see who will change their wild ways.
I didn’t like how long it took to clear up Duncans misunderstanding and suspicions about Neva in the beginning and wished it was cleared up faster. But all in all it was a really fun book to read and I look forward to the others in the series.


Once Burned (Night Prince #1) By Jeaniene Frost

Once Burned (Night Prince, #1)


5 Out Of 5 Stars


Ahhh. I can’t wait until next spring!!!! I really love the Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost. And I enjoyed reading the other books involving the side characters in the series. So I was really looking forward to when Vlad’s story came out. And I wasn’t disappointed other then the fact that it left me hanging and now I have to wait until next spring for the sequel.
Vlad’s and Leila’s story was told from Leila’s point of view like the Night Huntress series was told from Cat’s point of view. Though I was kind-of hoping it would be from both Vlad’s and Leila’s point of view, I still really enjoyed it. I like reading more about Vlad’s history and I liked how Ms. Frost portrayed his character. Leila was an interesting character and fits in with the kick-butt girls of Ms. Frost’s vampire books heroines. I thought Leila had interesting abilities and very curious how she was able to obtain them do to that incident that occurred when she was younger, if they powers she originally had that was just jump started with the power cable or if something else occurred during it that we get to look forward to in the sequel.
I liked the pace of Vlad’s and Leila’s relationship and how they got to know each other and were able to talk about their pasts. And I am looking forward to how their relationship develops. I am looking forward to next spring and any other books in the vampire series!!!