Holding Out for Doctor Perfect By Teresa Southwick

Holding Out for Doctor Perfect


4 Out Of 5 Stars


This was an enjoyable book to read. The Hero and Heroine both have been through a heartbreaking relationship when they were younger. As a result it was difficult for each of them to entrust their hearts to someone else. When Dr. Spencer Stone wants some new equipment for the cardiology department he needs the approval from the Hospital Administration Financial Department, Avery O’Neill. So he hunts her down to get his point across, but Avery has other ideas and makes sure not to cross paths with him, even hiding in the ladies room… But when Dr. Stone goes directly to her boss she has no choice but to on a business trip to Dallas with him to get the financial facts and other details in order. During the trip they get closer and learn a lot about past hurts and about each other. When a night together results in a pregnancy they have to figure out their feelings for another and determine the future…
The story was interesting to read at least once. There was a time or two were the pace of the story slowed down, but would pick up again. I liked the setting for their hometown being Las Vegas, Nevada since I am from here. Every time a street, an area, or a building was mentioned I was like I know where that is and that street name, it was cool for me.